The Little Shamrock Candle
The Little Shamrock Candle

The Little Shamrock Candle

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We could all do with a little luck now and then and although it is the shamrock that is synonymous the luck of the irish we hope you appreciate this truly unusual scent we have created, on regular occassions it is sold out from our market stall in Limerick... now that is lucky!


Available in small and medium sized amber jars with a black screw lid.

Small = 120ml = 20-25 hours burn time.
Medium = 180ml = 30-35 hours burn time.

When your candle reaches the bottom of the jar why not re-use it? Plant a small sprig of shamrock or use as a home for some small pieces of gold!

All of our jar filled scented candles are handpoured by us in The West of Ireland. We use 100% natural soy wax and only the best quality fragrances that we blend together to make our unique signature scents.