Welcome to The Irish Chandler... quality and consistency is at the heart of what we do, our beautiful scents are blended by us in our little workshop on the West Coast of Ireland.

We hand pour all of our container candles in small batches and we only use eco cotton wicks, premium fragrance oils and 100% non-gmo soy wax to ensure the best quality candle is produced for you to enjoy safely.

Our products are vegan and have the cleanest burn so ideal to use in the office and home especially if you have children or pets.

You will find us selling our wares every Saturday at the Milk Market in Limerick, which means we get to meet our lovely customers... just like you! We always look forward to receiving feedback on our products and new blends and sometimes our customers even pop back to us and return their empty jars which we re-use and refill.



DID YOU KNOW...  A chandler was the head of the chandlery in medieval households. The chandler was responsible for wax, candles and soap.